LME-RM Workstation

LME-RM Workstation

Versatile and Rugged Modular Solutions for Standard and Custom Marking Systems

The LME-RM Class 1 laser marker workstation platform for both standard and custom applications provides an elegant and efficient solution for marking parts in a production environment. With a variety of standard and custom configurations, the LME-RM workstations can accommodate the most demanding applications. The LME-RM modular workstations offer rugged construction for long-term use, ergonomically correct design and conformance to applicable CDRH Standards for operational safety during use. All 19" components can be integrated into the support frame, and the laser controls are front-mounted for ease of operation. A laser-safe observation window allows monitoring of the marking progress. For easy job setup, the large access door can be configured with an optional pneumatic AutoDoor.

The modular LME-RM LT offers circumferential indexers for marking cylindrical work pieces, adaptability to a variety of conveyors, X/Y tables, open-frame configurations, and a wealth of other options to make your marking project easy and efficient. The versatile LME-RM 2 and LME-RM RT systems include such options as 36" multi-station rotary indexing table, and X/Y/Z control. Due to the positioning possibilities of the laser via the three program-controlled axes, even parts of complex geometry can be marked easily. A rotary axis, which is required for marking cylindrical parts, is available optionally. ROFIN can also provide custom-engineered solutions as well as a portfolio of existing custom solutions - five-sided markers, automated loaders and/or unloaders, conveyor system integration with your existing production line, ultra-high-precision systems, automotive and medical production systems, and tag markers ... to name a few.


Standard Features

Options Available (dependent on laser source):


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