Systems & Solutions

Application-Specific or Customized Systems from ROFIN

Producing quality marks is a demanding task, requiring a superior laser source. Coupling that laser source with a workstation, such as our economical UW Series or our versatile LME-RM Series, and custom software makes the solution complete. Rofin combines the key disciplines of laser technology, mechanical engineering, software and process development in a unique solution to ensure quality, functionality and profitability of the production. Rofin-Baasel can also provide custom-engineered solutions as well as a portfolio of existing custom solutions—five-sided markers, automated loaders and/or unloaders, conveyor system integration with your existing production line, ultra-high-precision systems, automotive and medical production systems, and tag markers—to name a few.

System Solutions for Laser Marking in the Medical Industry
Ultra High-Precision Laser Marking System
Automated PC Board Laser Marking Cell
System Solutions for Marking Plastic and Metal Tag
Custom In-Line Conveyor System
Heavy-Duty, Mobile, Gear/Bearing Marker Cell
Custom Hardware and Software for Day/Night Marking
Custom System for Marking a Variety of Sizes of Bearings
Dual Bowl Feeder Handling System for Marking Tags